How to Roast a Turkey That’s Juicy and Delicious

How to Roast a Turkey That’s Juicy and Delicious

Turkey soJuicy You Won’t Need Gravy

Roast Turkey

Let me just say, you are going stun your family with the most amazingly juicy turkey ever, this year!

You’re going to serve up a turkey that will be raved about for weeks to come, if not months!

Nobody will even notice the gravy, I promise you that!

How do I know this?  Because, I have a proven method of roasting a turkey that will squash all myths about  turkey being dry and needing a slathering of gravy to make it edible.  Say good-bye to dry.

It’s funny, a feast that takes hours to prepare and is the focal point of our traditional holiday, is served with the star of the show being the least favorite part of the meal.  What!!!  It’s the truth, how many people LOVE the turkey? They may love the flavour but often not the actual meat.  Although, the turkey is supposed to be the main deal here, right?  It is as long as there’s a boatful of gravy to drown it in.

Why don’t they love the turkey?  You spend half your holiday day getting it ready.  I mean, you set your alarm for the wee hours of the morning so you can get up and stuff the turkey and pop it into the oven, so it’s ready in time for the long-awaited feast.  You even make sure to keep basting it every hour so it stays moist.  So why does everyone complain about the turkey being SO DRY!  It’s like sandpaper, thank goodness for gravy! Does this sound like anyone you know?

The turkey is supposed to be the piece de resistance, don’t you owe it a chance to be moist, juicy and mouth-watering?  Yes, and now you will.

roast turkey

4 Steps to a moist, tender and delicious turkey

1. Do not stuff your turkey because when you do, the meat is dried out by the time the stuffing reaches the proper internal temperature.  Stuff the turkey instead with tow or three peeled carrots, a chopped onion and fresh savory (or sage).  Close the cavity with tin foil to keep the aroma inside and it will seep throughout the turkey.  Make your stuffing on the side and you can either bake it inside the roasting pan or do like I do and make this crock pot version that’s amazing.  I drizzle a little turkey drippings over the stuffing for that turkey flavour we all love.

2. Roast the turkey upside down.  Yes, you read correctly, place the turkey, breast down, into the roast pan.  I have done this for years and I have yet to serve a dry turkey (even the white meat is super moist).  It makes sense, the juices will flow downward to the breast and the turkey will be naturally juicy.  This is an amazing way to roast a turkey.  DO NOT poke it with a fork!

3. Don’t over cook the bird.  Use a meat thermometer and ONLY roast the turkey until it reaches the internal temperature of 165° F or 74° C.  Don’t poke the skin or the meat,  because when you do this the juices flow into the roasting pan and the meat is left dry.

4. Let the turkey rest.  This part is so important.  Remove the turkey and let it rest on a platter for 20 minutes.  Don’t poke it and don’t carve it.  The juices need time to redistribute through the meat.  You can cover the bird with tin foil to keep it warm.  Many people start carving right away and all the juice will flow onto the platter and again you have a dry meat.  Meat keeps cooking after you take it out of the oven.  Just let it rest, trust me.

roast turkey

Do you have a special way you cook your turkey that makes it taste amazing?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

 Roast Turkey

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